Finding my way.....

on the track I never had to find my way…. I had 10 hurdles in a lane that was all my own. I had a coach who told me how and what to run, what to eat, and what time to be where I needed to be. I grew up on the track, there weren’t many things I couldn’t comprehend and execute with practice, repetition, and film watching but life, real life doesn’t come with a coach.

 In just 4 short years my life has changed dramatically. 4 years ago I was jogging around the track on my victory lap feeling like I was on top of the world. I had just won an Olympic Medal and achieved a goal that I had dreamed about for most of my life. Everyone loved me and knew my name. I was a hero to my country, family, friends, and teammates. Now…. I’m the wife of a NFL linebacker and the mom to the most beautiful baby boy on the planet. My heart is so full of happiness and joy but I still had this what next feeling….. this feeling of it can’t just be from the podium to pampers for me…. more than hurdling to housewife….

I’ve been around the world more times than I can even count and navigating planes, trains, and automobiles is tremendously easier than figuring out life in my own lane. I never imagined living a life where I would have to follow my husband around to different cities to be able to have my family together, but one thing my track career has taught me is how to adapt on the fly… to be comfortable while being uncomfortable. So, this season I put on my big girl panties and accepted there isn’t a training manual or coach to teach me how to be the woman I need to be for Jasper or the mommy I need to be for baby J. I have come accept that nothing will be perfect and I need to stop putting these unrealistic expectations and putting self inflicted pressures on myself and just enjoy life as it comes….especially with all of the twist and turns our life entails. 

I may not be a star on the track anymore taking victory laps and winning medals but the way my son smiles at me when he sees me in the morning or after a nap… I know I’m in my right place. I’m shining because I’m learning to be a strong but humble wife and my husband loves me with all of his heart.

 I know I will find my exact what if outside of the house, but in the mean time I have some irons cooking in the fire!