5 Reasons Kellie Wells Brinkley Should Be Your Speaker

So, you’re planning an event but you have yet to secure a speaker that is going to inspire your attendees. The good news? You can stop searching. Kellie Wells Brinkley has the experience, expertise, and passion that will motivate your audience and push them to conquer,  overcome, and succeed in life and at work. There are many reasons why Nike, ESPN, NBC, and the NCAA have hired her in the past and below are 5 why she’s the right speaker to hire for your next company event.

#1. She is Eager to Help Your Team Achieve Their Goals

You know what helps you reach your benchmarks faster? Having someone on your side to cheer you along and give you the resources you need for success. Kellie will not only speak to your organization, but she’ll become a teammate, getting to know the members of your company. While investing time in your people, she’ll build personalized speaking content that is aimed to help you reach your goals.

#2. She Speaks to your Team, no Matter the Size

No audience is too big or too small. Whether your team is gathered in an intimate board room, or within a large auditorium, there is not doubt that everyone in attendance will gain insight from Kellie’s business and professional development expertise. Post-conference or speech, Kellie will sit in the “hotseat” and answer any questions the attendees may have about how to thrive. Candid answers and truth about life and work will be used to encourage and inspire everyone in the room.

#3. She will Train and Entertain your Audience

Kellie comes equipped with the tips and tricks the audience needs for success, team culture, growth mindset, sales and leadership. Customized speeches will be built to guide your team members in a way that propels them along their unique paths. Not only will the audience be inspired to work harder and smarter, they’ll walk away feeling energized, alive, and overall stronger. Let’s not forget to mention that his personality and sense of humor will captivate your team and leave them refreshed.

#4. She will Lead Your Team the Right Way

Kellie’s’ positive, reassuring attitude and tact for execution are rare in the motivational speaking industry. He is a natural born leader and he’ll teach your team how to be the same. She will use her leadership and athletic capability to challenge your people to build professional endurance and strive for more in work and life.

#5. She Teaches Your Team to Win

On and off the track, Kellie is a winner. She’s taken her athletic training principles and applied them to her speaking and training tactics, used to build up driven professionals, individually and as a team. During conferences and extended trainings, Kellie will give your business the keys they need to meet goals, make money, and be better.

Want to know what’s even better? You can take your team’s professional development to the next level by establishing a long-lasting relationship with Kellie through her “Marathon Training.”  After the “sprint” event, Kellie and her team will continue to work alongside your company all year long, providing virtual and in-person coaching, video training, and tailored coaching to ensure that they’re held accountable to stay on the right path. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.